Civic and Community Engagement

The Civic & Community Outreach committee shall develop and coordinate community service events on behalf of the local chapter in which members address the economic, educational, cultural and health needs of individuals and families in the geographic area of support in which your local affiliate serves. It coordinates participation in all local affiliate community outreach events. The Civic & Community Outreach committee shall also keep an accurate account and log of the community service hours worked by members of the local chapter. Committee shall utilize the 5 Points of Empowerment of the National Urban League in selecting issue areas to which to devote attention.

Fund Development

The Fund Development Committee shall be responsible for overseeing all fundraising activities of the local chapter. The Fund Development Committee shall collaborate with the President to organize and develop strategic fundraising goals and objectives for the local chapter.


Marketing and Public Relations committee shall be responsible for all promotional and marketing needs of the organization. It also manages the overall image of the organization in publications and media outlets. Marketing and Public Relations committee shall also be responsible for archiving the activities of the local chapter (i.e.: photographs, letters, programs, awards, etc.).

Youth Empowerment

The Youth Empowerment committee shall be responsible for overseeing the local chapter mentoring program and serving as the liaison to the affiliates Project Ready program. It shall also encourage the involvement of the organization in activities relation to Youth and Young adults 21 years and older in the community.

Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures committee helps chapter members to understand the basic purpose of parliamentary procedure. This committee advises the presiding officer and the members on parliamentary procedure; has reference materials on hand (Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised) pertaining to parliamentary procedure; observes progress of meetings and calls any significant irregularities to the attention of the chair (“point of…”); and prepared to explain any deviation from procedure and its effect on the rights of all members.


The Membership Committee shall be responsible for attracting, engaging and retaining new members to the organization. With the assistance of the Secretary and the Treasurer, the membership committee shall maintain the membership records, including accurate financial and communication records. It also hosts membership orientations and responsible for accurate and timely updates of the official membership database of chapter.